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There are numerous articles dealing with how stress on the job can impact workplace safety. While we all seem to know intuitively that high levels of stress lead to unsafe work conditions, it is important to consider some of the underlying causes. In addition, we must consider not only how employee stress impacts job safety, but how much the job and work conditions add significantly to employee stress levels. 43% of workers in various occupations reported a significant negative impact of workplace stress on their health.

Of course, and not surprisingly, there is also a direct correlation between an increase in worker stress and an increase in workplace accidents. A stressed worker is more likely to be thinking about his or her stress source and be less focused on the task at hand, leading to accidents and injury. Excessive workload, fatigue, fear about job security, and any number of other stressors lead to an unsafe workplace and, of course, a significant decrease in productivity. In addition, negative and incompetent managers may well represent the single most negative impact on employees through creating unrealistic demands, poor communication, insensitivity, arrogance, and ignorance.

In addition to the many stressors inherent in a workplace setting, many day-to-day life stressors such as financial issues, relationship issues, and parenting stress are brought to work every day and add to workplace stress. The cumulative effect of all of these stressors can not only lead to unsafe and unproductive workplaces, but to unbearably stressful lives.

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