What’s Your True Personal Story?

There are many articles and stories that are included in the Stress Insider App and Archive. In this section you have an opportunity to submit your own stories and experiences for others to read. This is your opportunity to write your own ‘post’ that deals with the stress that you have experienced in any life area, what the circumstances were, and how you resolved your situation. Your true stories will undoubtedly help others better deal with their stress and to find solutions for their distress.

Maybe you want to tell your story about your bad boss or your stressful in-laws or the stress of trying to balance your household budget or your efforts to get in shape or the stress of trying to manage your time or the stress of too much community involvement. In the interest of organizing things, I have created seven broad categories within which you can post your stories: Family Stress, Financial Stress, Personal Stress, Social Stress, Stress and Your Health, Workplace and Career Stress, and Quick Fixes.

Regardless of your topic, all of your stories will be read and considered for publication. You will be notified if your story is selected and entered into our ‘story of the month’ competition. The top stories will all be published as blog posts on this website (with your permission, of course). Your experiences may help many others in similar circumstances. Thank you for taking the time to write and submit your story. Your contributions are greatly appreciated.

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