A little information about Stress Insider and me.

I’m Jim Tittemore, clinical psychologist, author, and speaker based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  Specializing in stress management, my 30 plus years of experience have provided me with insights into many areas of life stress, including relationships, families, workplaces, and so-called leisure time.  Helping others find solutions for stress is my passion and my articles, suggestions, products, strategies and tools will help you better manage, and even alleviate, your stress.  My Stress Insider app is a handy mobile feature that is available free of charge on Apple and Google stores and my blog articles and store can be reached directly through the app.

Stress Insider provides you with solutions that cover virtually every life area in which there is stress.  That means every life area.  My articles are all written from personal and professional experience and are easy to relate to.  Any materials and products recommended or sold through Stress Insider have my personal and professional stamp of approval.  In some cases where I have not personally published or produced materials and have referred you to a third party source, this source may support a commission structure of sorts, but rest assured that my recommendations of materials, products and other sources of information are all driven by their quality and effectiveness.

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