Organize Yourself

In an article written on the ‘Effective Time Management Tips’ website entitled ‘Ways to organize yourself: Simple ways to organize your life’ nine tips are presented:

  1. Set goals and put them on paper
  2. Evaluate what’s really important
  3. Prioritize your lists
  4. Schedule tasks and put them in your diary
  5. Be proactive and do things that are important to you
  6. Don’t procrastinate, do it now!
  7. Finish what you start
  8. Eliminate time wasters and unclutter your life
  9. Take time to enjoy life, take breaks and enjoy the things around you.

These and many other tips and ideas are also a large part of my book ‘Stress Relief is an Inside Job’. The book is an easy and informative read and can be ordered in the side panel to your right or scroll down on your smart phone.

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