Charting Your Stress Levels

You can’t improve what you can’t measure.

It makes sense that in order to chart your stress levels throughout the day, or week or month, you must be aware of your stress levels. This awareness comes with developing a sensitivity to your body and mind states and that skill comes with your learning about relaxation and what it means to achieve a ‘relaxed’ state. Very few of us are truly relaxed for much of our day.

To this end, your assignment is to learn to relax. We must have some sort of benchmark from which to work. To achieve a relaxed state I recommend that you download a relaxation audio and use it for a few days. Of course, mine is available at a minimal cost, but there are a number of free ones out there as well.

Once you have practiced the relaxation, we will launch into some effective ways to monitor your stress levels throughout the day. That’s when your hard work relaxing starts to pay off.

Here’s a quick poll question:

Have you ever done formal progressive relaxation exercises before?