Bullying is omnipresent. Whether it happens in your child’s school, on a sports team or in your workplace, the experience can be traumatic and can have a lasting impact on almost every aspect of your life. The symptoms of what I call ‘bully syndrome’ often surface as some form of anxiety disorder accompanied by feelings of loneliness and vulnerability. Suicidal thoughts among young people who have not developed defenses against bullying can never be ruled out. The bullied person feels powerless, and often is powerless, to act against the bully because the repercussions can be even more devastating.

This ‘page’ in your member’s portal will provide information that will help you understand bullying and help you develop strategies that work against bullies. These strategies will also help your children cope with and combat bullying. But for now, let’s get a better handle on the extent of bullying that exists. And remember that bullying today is not just physical intimidation, verbal put-downs or and public ridicule … it also includes cyber-bullying. Here is your survey question:

Who in your family has been bullied?

I’ll provide the results in a couple of weeks when the ‘poll’ closes.

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In the meantime, if you would like to submit your own ‘bully’ story, please feel free to do so below. You can also post your own personal story on through another page on the member’s portal, but this is a focused opportunity to share with others who have their own experiences with bullying.

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