Stress Relief is an Inside Job


I. Important Information about Modern Stress

II. Some Personal Insights

III. The Role of Emotions

IV. Understanding the Essential Competencies

V. Using Competencies to Tackle the Stressors

VI. Bad Habits

VII. Time Wasters

VIII. Dealing with Different Personalities

IX. Behaviors of Difficult People

X. Stress Identification, Analysis and Solutions

XI. Quick Fixes

Stress is not an inevitable consequence of an event. It depends on people’s perceptions of a situation and their perceived ability to cope with it.

Stress is all about perception. The degree of stress that you experience depends on the way that you interpret a situation. When you change your perception, you change the stress.

This book is all about ways to change your perceptions, your emotions, your physiological state and your unwanted stressful habits and behaviors. The cognitive-behavioral approach results in a resource that is easy to read, sensible, understandable, practical and actionable.