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Your paid membership gives you access to the membership portal which focuses on membership participation.  The members’ pages provide you, the reader, with opportunities to contribute.  We all have our own thoughts and our own experiences that are important to talk about, write about, and share.

To this end, I have created Community Forums in a variety of areas in which you can learn about other readers’ concerns and solutions.  Your active participation will enlighten others and will contribute to a meaningful experience for all members.

I have also created opportunities for you to post your own true stories dealing with stress in your life in any number of ‘categories’.  In fact, you write your own blog post!  All posts are read by my panel and one post from each category is selected monthly and is published, with your permission, as a guest author post on the Stress Insider blog.

In addition, there are opinion polls through which you can contribute your thoughts and learn about what others are thinking.  The results of these polls enlighten all of us and also stimulate thoughts about contributions that you can make through the Community Forums and your ‘Personal Stories’.

There is a 10 day trial period at the reduced price of $3.00.  After 10 days your subscription to this Members’ Portal is renewed at $7.00 per month until you cancel your subscription.

I know you will enjoy the additional information from the other readers and the opportunities for you …

  • to become an active participant in the community forums,
  • to submit your own true personal stories, and
  • to participate in the polls.